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WordPress Blog Hosting

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. It is free open-source software licensed under GNU General Public License. But it’s much more than blogging software, it is more like content management system because it have many features including: content/media management, static pages, themes with widgets support, rss feeds, menus/link management, categories, tags, cross blog communication tools like trackbacks and pingbacks, user/author management with permissions, comments and many others. Since its first release in 2004 have become very popular because it is very simple to use, and it is built with PHP/MySQL. WordPress supports plugins (addons, modules) to extend/add features to the core version. The theme system allows you to easily switch templates and change the design of the entire blog/web site. Today wordpress is used on more than 202 million websites (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WordPress). To install wordpress you will need a web server, with PHP and MySQL database support, and additionally .htaccess support for pretty urls. Almost all web hosting companies offer this kind of setup. WordPress can be installed either manually, by uploading the files, creating the database and running the installation or via fantastico cpanel tool one-click installer. Upgrading wordpress is very easy and if the host supports external connections the software will automatically updates itself (very useful!). Popular wordpress hosts are Hostgator, BlueHost, Hostmonster, Webhostingpad, IxWebhosting and others.

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