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How to choose your next hosting provider?

There are several things you should look up to when you choose your next web hosting provider.

1. Audience

If most of your traffic comes from USA then you should choose USA provider, otherwise you should choose provider in the country that most traffic will come from. This is because the website will load faster if the server is closer to the visitor. If there is reliable provider in the target country then go for USA provider.

2. Hosting provider

Once you determine the location you should choose the hosting provider. Do not go for the cheapest one because you will end up with horrible service. Compile a list of the top 5 hosting companies. Start by investigating how long they have been in business, what types of hosting services they sell, look up datacenter/network information such as connectivity and internet speed, server hardware, how much customers they have and other related information etc.

3. Reviews and Rating

After you narrow the top 3 then you should start by looking for customer reviews. Just do a google search for “companyname review” or “companyname rating” and look for reviews and rating. Large hosting companies with thousands of customers may have bad reviews (because there are many customers) but this should influence on your decision, because people tend to write negative reviews more often than positive (3:1 ratio!).

JustHost Review – Reviews and coupons of Just Host Web Hosting

Justhost is web hosting company with offices in United States of America, United Kingdom and Australia. Created in 2002, it have become popular in recent years. Offers shared and reseller hosting. Shared hosting plan comes with unlimited space, bandwidth, free domain name, PHP, MySQL, cPanel control panel, host unlimited domains on single account, FTP and many other features. This plan is good for personal website/blog hosting. Regular price is $6.95 monthly, currently on promotion – $3.45 monthly. The reseller hosting also comes with tons of features (all the features shared offers), plus free whm control panel, but depending on the chosen plan you get allocated disk space. Only platinum plan comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Justhost Support

Justhost offers live chat, tickets (e-mail) and phone support.

Overall Rating

Justhost is top rated host. My personal rating is 5/5. They have fast servers, offer tons of features and have lots of customers.

Bluehost Review – Reviews and Coupons of Blue Host Company

Bluehost is USA based company headquartered in Utah. It is one of the oldest web hosting companies, created in 1996. Bluehost have only one hosting plan and it is great for personal websites/blogs and small companies. On a Bluehost you can host unlimited sites, blogs or galleries, shopping carts and lots of other scripts. Account is perfectly setup so you can run wordpress, drupal, joomla or other cms – type script without any problems because PHP, MySQL and Apache web server is included. One-click installer for popular applications like the above mentioned is available, and you can access it via your account’s cPanel control panel. There are lots of other features including: FTP, Ruby On Rails, .htaccess support, streaming audio/video and others. If you do not have a domain, you can register one for free after you signup with Blue Host.


Bluehost is top hosting provider hosting more than 1000000 websites on their servers. Have received number of rewards and good reviews from users and hosting sites. They are recommended provider for your next web site online.

HostGator Review – Reviews and Coupons of Host Gator Web Hosting

Hostgator is well known company in the hosting industry hosting more than 2,500,000 domains (at the time of writing this) with more than 200,000 clients. Founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley, based out of Houston, Texas, USA. Offers shared, reseller, virtual private servers and dedicated server hosting. Shared web hosting have three hosting plans: hatchling, baby and business. Shared plans have the following features: unlimited space, bandwidth, cPanel control panel, PHP, MySQL, FTP,With Hatchling you can host only one domain and this is the cheapest plan – $4.95 (three years annual payment), while with baby and business you can host unlimited domains. The baby plan is the most popular on hostgator because the price not expensive ($7.95 monthly), and you can host as much as sites you need/want. For companies there is the business plan which includes free 1-800 toll-free number, free SSL certificate and a dedicated IP address. This plan is also the best for e-commerce websites. Prices for business plan start at $12.95 monthly. 5/5 for features, hosting plans and prices.

HostGator Support

Support gets 5/5. They respond fast, are nice and are very technically knowledgeable. In my 3 years hosting with them I have had minor probles (3-4) which all have been resolved within 30 minutes.

Overall Rating

Hostgator gets 5 out 5. They are really great company. I am happy with Hostgator and recommend them to anyone. You would not mistake if you choose Host Gator.

List of top web hosting provider

Here is a compiled list of top web hosting providers. It is sorted by the popularity of the web hosts at hosting reviews sites:

1. HostGator. At number one spot is Host Gator. Hosting more than 2500000 websites since its creation in 2002. Offers shared, reseller, virtual private servers (vps) and dedicated server hosting.

2. BlueHost. Bluehost is hosting web sites since its establishment in 1996. Currently only one shared hosting plan is available

3. HostMonster. Hostmonster and BlueHost are the same company, except Blue Host is more popular. Only one shared plan is offered.

4. WebHostingPad. Webhostingpad offers affordable hosting with lots of features. Established 2005.

5. IX Web Hosting. IXwebhosting is number 5 on our list. Have been in business since 1999. Shared and VPS plans are available.

6. DreamHost. Dreamhost is the only company that guarantees 100% uptime. On our tests have not failed us yet. Shared and VPS hostinsg is available. Use COUPONMAX coupon to save the most money on hosting plans.

7. JustHost. Justhost is the youngest of all hosting companies here, but it have become popular in the recent two years. One plan only.

8. LunarPages. Lunarpages is established in 1998 and currently have 3 datacenters. Several plans are available and hosting solutions.

We have an account with almost every host here and all are really great hosts. In every hosting plan PHP, MySQL, Control panel (cpanel all, except ix web host offers hsphere), one-click installers, 24/7 support, FTP, phpmyadmin and depending on the plan unlimited disc space, bandwidth, and ability to host unlimited domains. If you have any experience with above host please post your comment below.

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