Mysql Hosting

MySQL Web Hosting

MySQL Community Edition is free open-source relational database management system. It is the most popular in the hosting industry and it often comes in bundle with PHP, Apache web server in Linux hosting environment (LAMP setup). It is powerful database system, uses Structured Query Language for managing databases, insert data, selecting, updating records. Many popular web applications including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal use it for storing data and settings. Popular websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Google use it too, so it is pretty much popular. As for mysql hosting I have not met a web hosting company that do not offer MySQL support on their servers. Most of the hosts support remote MySQL so you can access your databases remotely from other server or even from your home PC. Usually mysql management panel is integrated in the control panel (cpanel, hsphere, directadmin or others), with database tool and phpmyadmin. If you are not familiar with creating and seting databases to install some web software, you can use the one-click installers offered. Most top hosting providers have Fantastico or some other one-click installer tool.

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