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cPanel control panel

cPanel is a control panel that allows management of web hosting with internet browser over the world wide web. Currently is number one hosting panel with hundreds of thousands installations. It is very easy to manage for both customers and administrators, and it is directly integrated into the web server. Only linux version is available with windows version currently in development.

cPanel Features

cPanel automates administration of databases, domains, files/folders, FTP accounts, som DNS settings, provides easy access to logs, configurations etc. FTP accounts can be setup (permissions based) with access restrictions. Databases can be created/deleted, and databases users can be added to databaseses. Currently MySQL and postgresql are supported. Domains can be directly added in cpanel as a addon domains or parked domains. Subdomains are also supported. Logs and statistics are available (server load, number of files, data usage) and other.

Most of the hosting providers offer cPanel as control panel to their customers.

Web Hosting Control Panels

Web hosting control panels allow users to manage many aspects of their hosting account. Control panels do not require technical knowledge of setting up servers, configuring, or linux administration. Some of the features available at most of the panels are: create new databases, setup users and permissions, FTP accounts, access to statistics/logs, file managers, addon domains and much more. The most popular control panels are: cpanel, hsphere, directadmin, plesk, cortex, webmin and others. Most of them are commercial and propriety (except webmin is free and open-source). Most of the hosts offer cPanel to their customers, mostly because cPanel is simple to use, have a great interface with lots of features, it is one of the oldest panels and it is the most popular in the industry. Usually hosts do not charge their clients for cPanel. I personally have used cPanel numerous times and I can say that I got used to it and I really like it. Have tried other panels like Hsphere, they are good but cPanel is much better. To make it even more simple for their clients hosts offer Fantastico Cpanel addon tool for fast, simple one-click installation of popular web applications: wordpress (blogs), Joomla (Content Management System -CMS), Drupal – CMS, zencart – shopping cart, galleries and many other scripts. Fantastico sets up everything for you including databases, users/permissions and initial settings, however does not provide any help/support for the script installed.

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